Aha Student Ambassador Program

Do you want to catch a glimpse at the start-ups in Silicon Valley? Do you want to accumulate extracurricular experiences? Do you want to make your college application even more stand-out? Now, you have an opportunity to join our team as a member of the student ambassador! As long as you are a high school student with a lively and out-going personality, social-loving, great at social media and love sharing. You are the person we’re looking for!! We’ll provide YOU a fully remote working environment while you can incorporate your own ideas and support in the creative environment. At the end of the cooperation, not only can you get the certificate of student ambassador, but also you’ll have an opportunity to have an internship! This student ambassador opportunity involves promoting Aha from a current student’s perspective at different online events and activities, and you will benefit by developing interpersonal, communication and leadership skills. So make your decision swiftly! The quota is running out!

For more questions on the program, please read below.

*Please note, the Student Ambassador Program is a volunteer program. Only students who perform well will get an extra bonus, but there is no monetary reward or payment for participating in the program. If you have any further questions, please feel free to email us perfectscorebettereng@gmail.com..*

About us:

Aha is a product which provides you free practice for different types of exams such as TOEIC, SAT and TOEFL. After your completion with the practices, the system will record the answers, the AI system will analyze your weakness, and these features will strengthen users’ efficiency in answering questions.

Who can become a student ambassador? You can become a student ambassador if you are a current high school student. It does not matter if you are a freshman, sophomore or senior in high school, as long as you are passionate about English or Ivy colleges, and would like to support our student ambassador program. The qualities we look for in a Student Ambassador are the following:

Benefits package:

  1. Further develop your interpersonal, leadership and communication skills
  2. Work in a diverse team with other student ambassadors
  3. Build your portfolio as you move toward a professional marketer future
  4. Get insights into marketing activities
  5. Performance / Referral bonuses
  6. A certificate of recognition by the founder of Aha
  7. A recommendation letter by the founder of Aha
  8. The opportunity to have an internship and join our remote team


  1. Market peers and school clubs
  2. Represent our brand on your campus
  3. Support the Student Ambassador Program
  4. Support the Marketing Department with diverse tasks
  5. Write promotional posts on different social media platforms
  6. Work with start-up team and other student ambassadors


In order to be able to become a Aha Student Ambassador, students must:

*Please note that all activities are voluntary, so even if you sign up now and decide later you are not interested or are unavailable, you can always sign out. We do not expect you to do everything, but appreciate what you do.*

Steps to become a Student Ambassador:

I want to become a student ambassador!! What is next?

  1. Fill out the student ambassador application form.

    Fill Form
  2. Successful candidates will receive an admission letter & onboarding form by email around September.
  3. Confirm availability by filling out an onboarding form.
  4. Download the Handbook in the onboarding form.
  5. Follow the Weekly / Daily To - Do List in the handbook.
  6. Get started!